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Success with expatriation results in high ROI for companies, top-tier talent for countries, thriving expat employees and families, and a strong pipeline of young graduates taking on a global career.

Singapore-based, Danish-owned start-up Expat Advising has just released a portfolio of never-before-seen services and products in its pursuit to flip the 40% failure rate in expatriations into a 100% success rate.

“It all began with my personal journey as an expat over a decade ago. I experienced numerous hurdles, uncertainties, and a lack of comprehensive support. Through writing my book “9 things to do and consider before expatriating”, in-depth research and interviews with relevant stakeholders, I discovered a pressing need for services to tackle the persistently high failure rate of expatriation.

With my team of experts, we are driven to revolutionize the expat experience, supporting organizations and individuals in a strategic and holistic manner.”
Kia Holm Reimer, Expat Advising Founder

Expat Advising uncovered that the cause of expatriation failure is not in the unpacking of moving boxes. Rather, for organizations and individuals alike, it lies in the lack of familiarity with this unique lifestyle, its short and long-term effects and consequences. Additionally, inflexible organizational policies and/or a limited expatriation strategy enhances the challenges.

As a result, our approach is designed to address these critical factors with a comprehensive strategic lens. It focuses on tools that enable organizations and individuals with relevant knowledge and skills to thrive.

“We know how to ensure expat success – how companies can optimize their resources, how a country can stay competitive, how academic institutions can better equip the global leaders of tomorrow, and how individuals can empower themselves. This is exactly what our services and products deliver.”
Neha Thakkar, Expat Advising Partner

It has been important that the products and services cater to the entire process, benefit all parties involved, and account for diverse locations, cultures, and life circumstances.

Our New Products and Services:

  • An Expat Audit Report uncovering status quo and opportunities for the organization.
  • Trademarked Profiling and Assessment tools ‘My Expat Profile’ and ‘My Family Profile’ providing personalized and strategic insights and strategies.
  • A Reflection and Conversation Game ‘Ready, Set, Relocate’ packed with questions to trigger meaningful plans and action before expatriating, during expatriation, and upon repatriating.
  • Executive Education programs designed for global excellence and enhanced decision-making across different levels of experience.
  • Result-driven 1:1 sessions with our expert consultants providing tailored guidance and planning to solve individual expat challenges and meet specific goals.
  • An online and on-demand Expat Academy packed with specifically developed videos for valuable insights, practical tips on e.g. expat contract negotiation, and expert advice on thriving as an expat.

Find more information on the products and services at www.expatadvising.com.


  • Success.
  • Maximization of the full potential of expatriation.
  • Minimization of all the pain that comes with expatriation.

For companies, this means you will not contribute to the USD 315 billion dollars lost due to failed expatriation. It also means you boost productivity, employee morale, and your employer brand.

For expat employees and their families, you succeed professionally and personally.

For governments, you secure a strong talent base contributing to economic growth, global competitiveness, strategic positioning.

For academic institutions, you enhance global opportunities for graduates/alumni and attract a diverse student body.

Expat Advising will equip you with honest knowledge sharing, experienced and tangible advice, tested solutions, and easy to access resources.

All of it is just a click away at www.expatadvising.com or by sending an email to [email protected]
PS: Want a free copy of the book “9 things to do and consider before expatriating”? Send a mail to [email protected] with the text “Yes, please send me the expat e-book”.

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