Singapore airport replaces passports with biometric clearance system

From 2024, Changi Airport in Singapore will let technology replace passengers’ presentation of passports. This was recently announced by CNN.

“Singapore will be one of the first countries in the world to introduce automated passport-free immigration approval,” says Minister of Communications, Josephine Teo.

Instead, biometric technology like software based on facial recognition and fingerprints, will be used to identify people at the airport.

According to CNN, these features already play a role at Changi Airport, where it’s in use at certain checkpoints. Moving forward, the technology will take up more space to assist in replacing the use of physical documents.

“The change will reduce the need for passengers to repeatedly show their travel documents. It will enable an easier and more convenient journey,” Teo said.

The Minister emphasizes, that presentation of a passport will still be required in most countries to which one travels. Travelers will therefor still be required to bring their passport with them on their journey.

In June this year, there were around 5.12 million travelers coming through Changi Airport. It’s the first time since before the pandemic, that the number reached over 5 million.

“Our systems will have to be able to withstand this high and growing number of travelers to provide a positive experience, while keeping security in check,” says Josephine Teo.

Changi Airport cooperates with about 100 airlines that fly to 400 cities in about 100 countries.


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