Finland reintroduce entry ban on non-vaccinated travelers from Singapore

According to an announcement from the Finnish government on 5 August, travelers from six third countries including Singapore will no longer be eligible to enter Finland if they have not been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, SchengenVisa Info writes.

The entry ban will be effective from 9 August and besides Singapore, the affected countries include Azerbaijan, Japan, Moldova, Serbia, and South Korea. Unvaccinated travelers from these countries will only be able to enter Finland if they are returning as legal residents of Finland or if they are transiting through the country to reach their EU/Schengen destination country.

According to the Ministry’s explanation, vaccinated travelers who can prove they have been fully vaccinated with one of the covid-19 vaccine approved by the Finnish Institute for Health and welfare at least 14 days before reaching Finland, will be eligible to enter the country for whatever purpose. 

“People arriving in Finland in external border traffic must take into account that a certificate of recovery from COVID-19 is an acceptable justification for entry into the country only for citizens of the EU and Schengen countries and for people residing in an EU or Schengen country,” the Ministry highlights.

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