Finnish Crane Giant Eyeing Indonesia

Finnish-based Konecranes, the world leader in crane manufacturing and services, has positioned itself to tap growth in Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific.

Konecranes chief executive Pekka Lundmark has relocated his office to Singapore to establish contacts in the region.

“It shows commitment from us to the market,” Lundmark said during an interview with the Jakarta Globe on Tuesday.

“Asia is not only India and China, this is a misconception. That’s why we have selected Indonesia as one of our key targets.”

Currently, Konecranes operates seven branches across Indonesia and plans to add three more in the next three years.

Its products can be seen in major ports including Belawan in Medan and Tanjung Perak in Surabaya.

Philippe Richard, Konecranes country manager for Indonesia, said the company is keenly interested in port infrastructure.

“We want to be a major partner in port development in Indonesia,” Richard said, highlighting that Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, thus port infrastructure is of vital importance.

Konecranes is also focused on expanding its services network in the country.

Services accounts for around 10 percent of Konecranes operations in the country, with 90 percent from equipment sales. Globally, services account for 40 percent.

“Through service you build local presence and close relations with customers,” Lundmark said.

“First we develop relations through services and then after we sell capital goods.”


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