Get a corona passport for Denmark as a Dane abroad

Lægelinien is a private service that complements the public health services in Denmark and Lægelinien can help Danes abroad who have been vaccinated already to get a corona passport in Denmark. 

The Corona passport is a personal document that travelers from Denmark can bring as documentation for a COVID-19 vaccination to countries that require it in connection with the entry. The corona passport is also an important piece in the reopening restaurants, museums, theaters, cinemas, hairdressers, fitness, and sports matches in Denmark. A corona passport allows you to visit all these places in Denmark without having to present a negative covid-19 test. 

The service requires that you have been vaccinated in your country of residence with a vaccine that is approved in Denmark, that you can document the vaccination, and that you have a CPR number and NemID.

The Corona passport can be found by logging in to the website using your NemID, after which you must click on ‘Corona passport – COVID-19 vaccination’ in the box with the heading ‘Corona’. The Corona Pass can then be downloaded and printed.

You can order your corona passport from Lægelinien here. Reply to your confirmation with the following documentation:

  • date (s) 
  • vaccination site 
  • which vaccine 
  • lot or batch number

Lægelinien will confirm and register your vaccination and after you can find it at in “Sundhedsjournalen” / “Vaccinations” / “See your vaccinations”

Which vaccines can be registered?

Pr. 18/4, 4 vaccines can be entered in the vaccination register:

  • Pfizer BioNTech, Comirnaty®
  • Modern® COVID-19 vaccine
  • Astra Zeneca Vaxzevria® (= COVID-19 AstraZeneca Vaccine)
    • Approved in Denmark. Not currently in the program
  • Janssen / Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.
    • EMA approved. 

The price for a corona passport for Danes abroad via Lægelinien is DKK 500. 

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  1. Great article but where is the help in the inverse case? I was vaccinated in Denmark with Pfizer & now back in Australia I cannot register my vaccine because I find nowhere on sundhed/my vaccine certificate the batch number!!

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