New restaurant Thai Tanic is off to a good start in Denmark

Chef Bright (left) – is co-owner, while Chef Peeramat is among the employed chefs. Photo: Mette Mørk

Four owners, two of which are from Thailand, are behind a new takeaway restaurant that has opened in the Danish city of Vejle and focuses on Thai food with the very catchy name ‘Thai Tanic’.

The newly opened takeaway restaurant is run by the company Master Chef Thai Food ApS, whose ownership is divided into four equal portions. Pramern Phayomhom – or Chef Bright – is among the co-owners, and he is the Thai chef that customers can meet behind the counter at Thai Tanic.

Chef Bright has his own restaurant in the town of Assens but plans to sell it and move to Vejle. He has more than 30 years of experience as a chef in Denmark and takes great pride in his food.

To local media Jydske Vestkysten, co-owner Jan Torben Kjær explains that Chef Bright’s first task is to get the Thai Tanic up and running, and then he is also supposed to train other chefs, Jan Torben Kjær says.

The third co-owner of the newly established takeaway restaurant is Suvanit Tumtaiwan, who is also from Thailand and who works as a chef in Vedbæk on the coast north of Copenhagen in Denmark. Thai Tanic’s fourth co-owner is Nepalese Babita Khadka Chhetri, who also runs two street food stalls. Jan Torben Kjær is a taxi driver and has a graphic company which is how he got to meet Chef Bright who was a customer.

Jan Torben Kjær says that Thai Tanic has got off to a good start, “We posted some pictures on a couple of the local Facebook groups, and we have already had a lot of guests passing by. So thank you for that Vejle,” he says.

The landlord of the premises where Thai Tanic is located is married to a Thai national and through the Thai network in Denmark, the parties found each other. “We know that Vejle already has one Thai restaurant with Mie’s Thai restaurant, but we thought it might need a little competition. There are many apartments in that part of the city, and Vejle has a large catchment area, so we thought it was a good place, Jan Torben Kjær says.

Although a few tables have been set up inside the room, the plan is not to have an actual restaurant with servings but more so focus on take-away.

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