Global Risk Management expands trading team

Global Risk Management, the customised hedging solutions management provider with headquarters in Middelfart, Denmark has announced a new employee as well as a staff transfer.


Michael Korsager Nielsen has been appointed as Senior Trader to the office in Middelfart, while Oil Risk Manager Nicholas Foo has transferred to the Unitrading team in Denmark from Global Risk Management in Singapore. Unitrading is a separate business unit within Global Risk Management focusing on optimising paper hedge prices.

Michael and Nicholas will be part of the trading team in Middelfart which is headed by Mads Hemmingsen. The two will assist the Oil Risk Managers in Copenhagen, Singapore and Middelfart in their daily work with advising and selling customised fuel trading and risk management solutions. In addition, the team assists our parent company, Bunker Holding, in obtaining optimal paper hedge prices through increased trading flow with clients worldwide.

Michael, age 43, comes from a position as Head of Oil & Derivatives Trading in a large world-wide bunker trading company. He has more than 15 years’ extensive experience in trading currencies and financial derivatives.

Nicholas, age 28, joined Global Risk Management in April 2014 and has worked with the sales team in Singapore until this summer, where he relocated to join the trading team in Middelfart. Nicholas’ new title is Trader.


Managing Director Hans Erik Christensen said: “I am glad to welcome both Michael and Nicholas to the trading team; they bring experience and exceptionally good technical and analytical skills and I am confident that they will contribute to continued solid growth and expansion in our company”.

Global Risk Management is a leading provider of customised hedging solutions for the management of price risk on fuel expenses. Combining in-depth knowledge of the oil market, finance and transport, we help clients protect their margins from the risk posed by notoriously volatile fuel prices.

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