Helena Samsioe on starting her drone platform in new episode of SWEA Podden

The latest episode of SWEA’s podcast tells the story of Helena Samsioe and her drone platform collecting satellite images that can contribute in preventing, or preparing for, natural disasters. Photo: SWEA

SWEA Singapore has published a new episode of its podcast “SWEA Podden” in which Helena Samsioe talks about coming up with the idea of starting Globhe, a global drone platform.

Since 2015, the platform has collected high-resolution images from 6,300 drones in 125 countries which are then sold to organizations and companies such as The United Nations and the World Bank.

These images have contributed to the monitoring of malaria-carrying mosquitoes in Malawi, East Africa, through photographically observing mosquito hatching sites.

Additionally, Helena touches upon her college time in Florida, work in San Diego, studies in Uppsala, joining women in the tech sector, the Swedish business climate and the innovation climate in Africa.

Find information and listen to the podcast here: https://swea.org/vara-kanaler/swea-podden-start/?fbclid=IwAR0DCPbc_XGKjnhP2v6hs8MIo6EyKy1HnZOeKzWAYdmr9a-7RNNC_V6mHNo

Source: https://www.facebook.com/sweasg/

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