SWEA Singapore wants you to join its podcast team

Join SWEA Singapore in making great podcasts. Image: SWEA Singapore

Learn how to interview interesting people, edit and, in general, produce a podcast with SWEA Singapore.

The organization states that it has interviewed 50 women from all around the world since its launch in 2020 and will soon reach 40.000 listeners.

The podcast team sits in different parts of the world and co-work via Zoom, Whatsapp and email.

Contact SWEA here: [email protected]

Source and information: https://www.facebook.com/sweasg/?ref=py_c&eid=ARCrI_H_d3NZi3y1meNHxGuENXPmVc0lmdZ2r2wK9qd_tZHx8uXWbObc5vVwDHm40jj4gTS1iKR-k1ve

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