SWEA Singapore podcast episode with Ida Esmaeili on growing up abroad

In this SWEA podcast episode, Ida Esmaeili brings you important insights on growing up abroad while being aware of her roots cultural background. Photo: SWEA Singapore

SWEA Singapore presents a new episode of their podcast in which they have talked to actress, playwriter and singer, Ida Esmaeili in New York on what it is like growing up abroad, what home really means and where the heart belongs.

Ida lives in New York but was raised in Sweden and Singapore. At a young age, Ida travelled to Singapore to find her way in life and came to pursue a life within theater and music.

In the podcast, Ida talks about maintaining her Swedish roots while growing up in a different country, which is something many parents abroad are concerned about.

In the final part of the episode, SWEA Singapore and Ida have a chatter on SWEA New York and what the organization meant for Ida in her upbringing.

SWEA Singapore has provided a bunch of links on their Facebook page about Ida, SWEA New York and the podcast for you to dive into.

We’ll pass on the podcast link here: https://swea.org/vara-kanaler/swea-podden-start/?fbclid=IwAR1O5AgIfNPPG1EJxbxT6NYMA4EyG_MODFPp5MqcHpwL2o7n2oP8w2rMxJw

Source: https://www.facebook.com/sweasg/?ref=py_c&eid=ARCrI_H_d3NZi3y1meNHxGuENXPmVc0lmdZ2r2wK9qd_tZHx8uXWbObc5vVwDHm40jj4gTS1iKR-k1ve

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