H&M collab with Mugler is a huge success in China

H&M’s collaboration with French designer Mugler has been a huge success in China. A success that the fashion group happened to underestimate.

H&M made the sensual capsule collection available in only two of its offline stores in China. One in Beijing and one in Shanghai, along with the brands website and WeChat mini program.

Some shoppers waited in line overnight outside the stores for the chance to buy the collaboration. H&M’s Shanghai store was forced to shut temporarily as eager shoppers clashed with each other.

H&M’s official Chinese website crashed shortly after the release of the collection on May 11, due to a rush of visitors attempting to purchase the limited-edition collection.

The collection was sold out online by 5pm on May 12. Clothing from the collaboration quickly appeared on used goods platform Xianyu, with vendors charging a high premium.

Since H&M was the subject of a public backlash in 2021 surrounding cotton produced in Xinjiang, The company has faced a challenging time in China. The consumer boycott led to a sales decline, that resulted in the closing of several stores. But the hugely popular collaboration with Mugler has helped H&M regain market share in China.

Source: jingdayli.com

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