How to setup your Chromecast without any hassles?

Google Chromecast is a streaming device through which you on your TV can play music videos, movies, and digital TV with the help of an internet connection. Chromecast devices are available in the forms of a stick. And in order to start the streaming process, you must connect it with your wireless network. Sometimes Chromecast setup creates a lot of problems. And for the people with a minimum understanding of the technology, it can be a headache. Many users have reported that they were facing the issues of connecting Chromecast with their network.

If you are also facing the same issue then you must keep reading this article. Here you will find different ways that can help you to set up your Chromecast, without any sort of problems.

Data reset to the factory settings

This is one of the best methods through which you can fix any problems that may arise. If you are considered about pre-installed apps in your device getting erased. Then you shouldn’t worry at all. As none of the apps that you have installed apps would get deleted.

You can visit google Chromecast help if you are facing any trouble during the resetting process for getting more insights about your issues. Or you can simply press the reset button and hold it for at least 20 seconds to start the resetting process.

It is recommended that before starting the process, you should have a Chromecast app installed on your phone. For the purpose of casting the content that you like to watch on your TV. This app already comes pre-installed on Android phones but if you are unable to find it on your phone then you can go to google play store. Or if you are using an iPhone then go to the app store and you can Chromecast download from there.

Once you have connected your Chromecast to the internet than you can follow the below steps on this website to set up your Chromecast:

One Comment on “How to setup your Chromecast without any hassles?”

  1. A small percentage of WiFi clients have problems connecting to certain WiFi networks. This is the case with my Samsung J6 (2018) Android phone and the temporary WiFi network put out by a Chromecast (generation 1) dongle to allow the dongle to be configured onto a home WiFi network. I have two TVs each with a Chromecast dongle and my phone will not connect to either during the initial set-up phase. I have no problems once the dongle is connected to my home WiFi. I originally set one up using a Windows laptop and the Chrome browser, and the other I did with a Chromebook.

    It seems blindingly stupid to have removed the option of using a laptop and especially a Chromebook for configuring a dongle onto a WiFi network. I now have to borrow an iPad to set up the dongle on a different network. Even my old Samsung S3 Mini phone is useless. It will connect to the network but will not run the Google Home App.

    I have now got an Amazon Fire TV Stick that gives me no problems, and I can also connect my laptop or Chromebook to the TV by HDMI as another alternative.

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