IKEA turns mistake into marketing pitch in Singapore

IKEA misprints reusable bags, says ‘alamak’ & sells them anyway. Image via Alicia Cho on Facebook and IKEA website

Swedish IKEA in Singapore has acknowledged a misprint mistake on their reusable bags candidly with an “alamak…” (“Oh, no!”) and sells them anyway – discounted as a limited edition.

A missing letter in IKEA’s URL on a print on the company’s new KLAMBY reusable tote bag has not stopped IKEA from selling them anyway. Instead of scrapping the bags, IKEA has turned the misprint of “www.IKEA.co.sg” instead of “www.IKEA.com.sg” into a marketing pitch and made the bags available at a discounted price both in stores and online in Singapore. On the product’s signage, where a product description would normally be, IKEA owns up to their mistake with the following explanation: 

“At IKEA it’s OK to make a mistake.

We printed the wrong website address on the KLAMBY reusable bag but because it’s re-usable we won’t scrap them.

They’re limited edition and they won’t be back!”

The reusable KLAMBY bags retails for S$1.90 and just goes to show that despite the mistake, IKEA is committed to their sustainable business ways by selling the misprinted merchandise.  

Source: Today Online 

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  1. Yes, you have described it well about the marketing strategy in Singapore. I am very happy to read your blog and it is helpful for me. I have done the same mistake when i was a beginner. Subscribed your blog.

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