Indonesians on waste solutions Denmark tour

On 2-6 April an Indonesian delegation consisting of partners to Danish development projects in Indonesia and key stakeholders in the waste sector visited Denmark on a Waste Solutions Study Tour.

The Embassy of Denmark, Jakarta, in cooperation with State of Green, hosted an exciting programme in which the Indonesian delegation learned about Danish solutions in the field of waste management and waste-to-energy first hand. Lessons learned from developing modern waste management in Denmark – positive as well as negative – were shared with the Indonesia delegation as a way to assist Indonesia in managing waste problems in a more economically and environmentally sustainable manner.

The delegation kicked off with an introduction to the co-host State of Green’s work on promoting and educating the world in Danish solutions and competences within the fields of energy, climate adaptation, and environment.

And no less than four meetings were held with Danish Association of Waste Companies (DAKOFA), the Environmental Protection Agency, the Danish Energy Agency and City of Copenhagen explaining about the modern waste infrastructure and regulatory framework in Denmark.

The first day ended with a visit to Amager Resouce Center and the new iconic ski slope built on top of Denmark’s new waste incineration plant at Amager Bakke. In Copenhagen more 60% of waste is recycled while almost 40% is incinerated (435.000 tons per year) and thereby converted into electricity and district heating.

On 3 April the Indonesians went on an excursion to Odense Waste Management’s facilities located on the island Funen in southern Denmark.

Here, they experienced the sustainable management solutions employed by the plant, including the collection of household refuse, hazardous waste and recyclable paper. They also perform extraction of landfill gas as well as closure and aftercare of old dumpsites. To demonstrate, Odense Waste Management invited the delegation on an extended site visit to Stige Island Dumpsite and their Landfill Gas Extraction Facilities, which was a great inspiration for the DK/RI pilot project on landfill gas in Jatibarang Landfill in Semarang.

A meeting in Copenhagen with Rambøll was also on the agenda, one of Denmark’s leading engineering design and consultancies, to discuss waste management services and projecting of waste incineration plants.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia

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