Denmark co-organised Indonesia Circular Economy Forum

On June 28-30 Embassy of Denmark in Jakarta together with Greeneration Foundation organised the multidisciplinary event ‘2nd Indonesia Circular Economy Forum 2018’, in Surabaya, Indonesia.

With the help from Blue Economy Foundation, Indonesia Global Compact Network and Yayasan Pengembangan Produksi Bersih Nasional, the forum allowed attendants to gain new knowledge and to share experiences in implementing Circular Economy. Decision makers and top brass from leading industries and government had also been invited to this “perfect networking event on collaborating to enhance Circular Economy in Indonesia”.

Circular economy offers an alternative to expand life cycle and value of materials. One way to do it is through waste management (reduce, recycle and reuse wastes).

Only 4 % of the waste in Denmark ends at the landfill – among others because of a good recycling system and the production of sustainable energy from organic waste.

The Danish Embassy supports the 2nd Circular Economy Forum because of the need to discuss how to make resources out of waste – also in Indonesia.

At the forum the Danish Ambassador Rasmus A. Kristensen shared Danish experiences on circular economy and opened the discussion on how we all can keep resources in the loop instead of making trash.

The circular economy is much more than recycling. A linear economy makes, uses, and disposes materials while circular economy looks at all the options across the chain to use as few resources as possible in the first place, keep resources in circulation for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them while in use, then recover and regenerate products at the end of service life. This means designing products for longevity with repairability in mind so that materials can be easily dismantled and recycled.

Circular economy is currently a crucial issue and high to be an international global policy. Public and private co-operation is crucial in converting challenges into opportunities at a national, regional and global level.

EuroCham Indonesia also attended the 2nd Indonesia Circular Economy Forum 2018 to engage with stakeholders within the initiative. Its Executive Board Member Astri Wahyuni of Unilever also moderated a session on law enforcement. EuroCham Indonesia will also raise the circular economy topic when holding its annual EU-Indonesia Business Dialogue (EIBD) in October 2018.

Sources: Eurocham Indonesia, Embassy of Denmark Jakarta

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