Ingemar Dolfe held reception for Singaporean submarine sailors

Ambassador Ingemar Dolfe hosted a reception at the Swedish Residence for around 60 Singaporean submarine sailors involved in the close submarine collaboration between Sweden and Singapore.
The majority of the submariners lived, together with their families, in the Swedish naval town of Karlskrona during their training.
In his welcome address, the Ambassador emphasized the significance of the strong bilateral ties in the area of marine equipment and training, and expressed his hopes for a close continued cooperation between the two countries.
As a token of the close and long co-operation, the squadron leader presented a small gift to the Embassy.
Sweden and Singapore have for many years had a comprehensive collaboration in the area of maritime and naval technology. In October this year, the latest addition to the Singapore submarine fleet was launched at a naming ceremony hosted by  submarine manufacturer Kockums in Karlskrona.

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