Join DABS for a Primer on Singapore’s Political/Legal System and Recent Political Developments

Join DBAS coffee table meeting titled ‘A Primer on Singapore’s Political/Legal System and Recent Political Developments’ on 12 August from 8 am to 9 am.

More about the event:

Singapore’s political and legal system might be perceived as rather difficult to comprehend. Indeed, Singapore’s system of government is broadly based upon a Westminster parliamentary system borrowed from the UK, but over the decades of Singapore’s existence thus far, various uniquely Singaporean innovations have been added to its political and legal system.

This session will provide an easily-comprehensible primer into Singapore’s system of government, with a focus on the unique features of democracy in Singapore – including, for example, the various types of Members of Parliament in Singapore, the relationship between the executive branch and the Singapore Parliament, and the role of the elected President. With the foundation thus laid, the session will conclude with a frank and candid discussion of recent political developments in Singapore and what the future may hold.

All thoughts, perspectives, and speculation will be welcome!

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