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Finnish Business Council Singapore invites to a social media branding webinar on 24 September 2020 that will help you up level your LinkedIn game.The invitation said:

Welcome to the Social Media Branding webinar! Our two speakers Ms Evangeline Leong and Mr Miguel Bernas will give us insights how social media as a platform supports both corporate and personal branding.

Ms Evangeline Leong‘s talk “Learnings from Million Dollar Influencers, the Who, What, and How” will start the webinar.


Influencer marketing industry is expected to be worth $15 billion by 2022, from $8 billion in 2019. This exponential growth has resulted in many becoming social media influencers, gaining fame and monetary reward as a result of their personal sharing on a particular subject matter. What is the secret recipe that is helping them to gain followers and build strong personal branding? How can business owners and marketers apply the secret recipe? In this 30 minutes session, we will cover the following:
1) Understanding influencers and how did they become one
2) The 3 key lessons to learn from the influencers
3) Working with influencers to build a strong business branding

Mr Miguel Bernas our second speaker will then turn the focus singlulary to LinkedIn, with his session on how to “Level Up Your LinkedIn Game”.

LinkedIn has become the de facto social media platform for professionals with over 675 million users worldwide. But the truth is, only a small fraction of users are making the most of this powerful tool. For example, using LinkedIn’s own Sales Navigator data, only 15% of users with the title “CEO” in Singapore have posted something in the last 30 days. This talk is about everything you are doing wrong on LinkedIn…and what you can immediately do about it.The 30-minutes presentation and Q&A will cover:

  1. Why LinkedIn: what makes LinkedIn different from other social media platforms?
  2. Dispelling the Misconceptions
  3. Adopting the Right Strategy (Personally or for your company)
  4. Personal profile and content creation hacks

The webinar is a public Zoom meeting event and organizer reserves the rights to post event photos on social media. You will receive Zoom meeting link with a password at the afternoon on 24 September 2020.

Book your seat and join the journey!
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