Koh Samui’s safety protocols got approve by DDC to be a model city to open up to tourism

Thailand Department of Disease Control (DDC) approved Kho Samui’s proposal on safety operations once Thailand re-start on tourism.

On 21 March 2021 Mr. Teerapong Chuaychoo, Koh Samui Mayor and director of Samui DDC held a meeting with tourism Board members.  According to Naewna, Mr. Ratchakorn Poonsawad, director of Tourism Association of Koh Samui announced the Central DDC has approved its proposal on safety protocols and is considering having Koh Samui to be model city to opens up to travelers.

The Mayor asked that everyone must carefully prepare the plan as there’s no room to failure, Samui Health Pass App will also be improve to suit current situations.

The proposed plan ‘Samui Wonder Island’ consists of:

  1. Travelers landed in Thailand means the beginning of ‘Samui Sealed Route Model’ plan. Travelers will be accommodate with private travel from the airport to their hotel.
  2. Day 2 or 3 health officials collect nasal and oral SWAB tests, with result deliver within 3 hours. Travelers are advice to remain in their own room during this time.
  3. On day 4-7 with negative test result, travelers are free to travel to certain certified premises.
  4. On day 7, If the result has been negative through out this period, travelers are free to change their accommodation and enjoy every destinations in koh Samui, koh Pa-gnan, koh Tao.
  5. On day 14, the final negative test result granted travelers, an open door to every destinations in Thailand.
  6. Travelers are designate to stay at Samui DDC Approved hotels and keeping safety distance while traveling.
  7. Every travelers must scan ‘Samui Health Pass’ upon arrival, to keep track on traveling data during their trip.

Mr. Ratchaporn, director of Tourism Authority of kho Samui said in the meeting

“I am glad that our Samui Wonder Island proposal is under consideration to be the first destination to opens up to International travelers.

Once an official approval is agreed by Public Health Ministry, Tourism Authority of koh Samui will collaborate with Bangkok Airways and Global Thai Tourism Authority to promote this campaign. The first model trip aim to welcome Singaporean travelers on 1 of July 2021.

For hotel owners interested to become Samui Health Pass certified accommodation, please scan QR code for more information.

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