Krabi Specialisten surviving Covid-19

Krabi Spesialisten has for the past 17 years been working hard to bring an experience of a lifetime to visitors to the South of Thailand. Her goal remains to give her guests a magical experience and treasured holiday memories. But since March, the borders of Thailand have remained closed. 

Ms. Ingeborg Fallet Kristensen the Managing Director of Krabi Spesialisten Co., Ltd has been through a challenging time since the outbreak of COVID 19 in the spring of 2020. But this is not the first time. During the past 17 years – starting with the Tsunami in 2004, followed by SARS, Bird Flu, 11/9, political unrest in Thailand etc. – she and her company has been through many challenges and crisis along the way.

“In April 2020 we faced a total lock down of Ao Nang, Krabi.  During this time all employees were working from home and we had time to think, reflect and plan, apart from being scared and frustrated of the entire situation,” Ms. Ingeborg Fallet Kristensen recalls.

“My immediate reaction was that we had been through crises before and we would make it through this one also” she say – always optimistic.

She fast realized that the company had to reduce as much cost as possible.  Unfortunately, they had to let many of their team members go.  Apart from this they realized the need to focus on Digital Marketing;

  • Keeping the relations with their existing agents
  • Reaching out to direct customers
  • Open new channels and markets during this time

There are many foreigners living and working in Asian Countries and Thailand, and Ingeborg and her company is more than ready to service them very well.  With 17 years of experience with the Worldwide market, she adjusted the marketing strategy and directed it domestically and to neighboring countries.

“It is great that the Thais and Foreigners living in Thailand and Asia finally can explore their own country and region, rather than going overseas on their holidays,” she says.

“Actually, this time is very special since the nature and scenery is so pure after a long break without tourists.  It is actually once in a lifetime experience that everyone should take advantage off.”

To redirect her focus, Ingeborg started a brand-new web site directed to the domestic market and after now 5 months actively adjusting and promoting, she can see some movement with bookings coming in from the domestic market.

Apart from holidays, transfers and activities she also has a small guest house and 2 Pool Villas.

One positive factor during Covid 19 is that everybody involved in tourism have had a lot of time cleaning up and being creative.

“We have created many new interesting products in the South of Thailand,” Ingeborg Kristensen explains.

  • Southern Scenic / Krabi / Trang / Nakorn Sri Tammarat and Pattalung, culture from the south of Thailand, a different experience and a must if you want to explore more than the beautiful beaches. See link: /
  • Krabi exclusive package / beach, sand and fun /
  • Krabi free & easy Package / relax and pamper yourself /
  • Pamper your self 2 days package / See link:
  • Breathtaking sunrise day tour / See link:

These are just some samples of what Krabi Spesialisten and Andaman Vibes can arrange apart from Tailor-Made holidays that they have arranged the past 17 years.  Krabi has so much to offer; Hot spring Spa, Kayak, Jungle tour, Elephant Care, Mountain Trekking, Climbing and of course the endless islands and beaches.

Everyone loves holiday. It’s a chance to spend quality time with your loved ones and create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s time to play, discover new tastes and escape the normality of everyday’ s life.

Team building tours

Among the new products in focus, especially corporate trips seems interesting. Team Building, Annual Company Events, Management meetings and incentives.

“There are so many advantages for taking your team out of the office,” she says, and Krabi Spesialisten can arrange everything from accommodation, to transfers, dinners, team building activities etc. etc.

Krabi has so much to offer. There are hotels in all categories and sizes, the Andaman Sea for sea activities, rivers for kayaks, mountains to climb, hot springs and beaches.  Together with several spectacular restaurant locations for delicious food and great locations for team buildings or a grand award dinner.

“In Krabi, it is easy to combine a serious meeting with fun and leisure just outside the meeting room.  We have several options and ideas depending on your purpose and size of the group,” she says.

Krabi is easily accessible from Bangkok and also Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, just 1 hour ++ to get here.

At last and most important

Krabi Spesialisten is engaging in Responsible Travel Activities and foraging the path of Sustainable Tourism Development in Thailand. They believe in making their tours as sustainable and low impact as possible. This is why they participate in a number of ecological activities to help improve the surrounding environment.

“It is our mission to educate tourists on ways they can reduce their ecological footprint, and to offer a variety of sustainable tours to choose from. We also invite tourists to partake in community programs and outreach such as”:

  • Trash Hero – Our aim is to work together with the local community to help improve and clean up our area. We meet for weekly cleanups with Trash Hero Ao Nang, and participate in cleaning up rubbish in a variety of tourist destinations.  In addition, we also invite locals and guests to join us. This helps to spread awareness about the environment, as well as help keep Krabi clean!  Ask us how you can join in for the next Trash Hero Cleanup Day!
  • Refill My Bottle – We are excited to be a part of the Refill My Bottle program.  This program encourages locals and visitors to be more ecological regarding one-time plastic use.  By participating in this program, it is our aim to help reduce plastic bottle usage, and encourage everyone to refill their water and reuse their bottles here.
  • Plastic Free Tours – Krabi Spesialisten created this initiative to try to encourage tour companies and tourists to go plastic free.  Our aim is to reduce the consumption of plastic on tours here in Thailand.  We encourage our guests to bring their own bottles, and use our “Refill My Bottle” program so that they can stay plastic free during their Thailand Travels.
  • Low Environmental Impact Tours – We have a variety of Sustainable Tours available focusing on reducing the environmental footprint of tourism.  After many years in this area, we have discovered that many areas can be visited and enjoyed by kayaks.  By creating tours based on kayak access, we are able to educate our guests on how to take in the beauty of natural areas, and, leave no trace.
  • Educational, Environmental and Cultural Tours – As tourism experts in Krabi, our aim is to teach our staff, local visitors, and visitors about Thailand’s environment.  Our top priority is to preserve and protect the natural environment that surrounds us.  That is why we have created a group of Sustainable Tours that focus on doing just that.  Join us for one of our unforgettable experiences, while you learn about Thai culture!


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