How to plan for your last decades?

When you are young it’s rare that you think about what might happen to you when you grow older….

Who, in their early years, wants to be reminded about becoming old and retired. In fact it is very important to plan for this inevitable future.

A former diplomat and Professor of Holistic Medicine, Dr. Jens Jerndal, author of numerous books, including “Cracking the Rainbow Code”, “Paradigm Pulse – Sensing the Surge of Change”, and “Vakna Sverige” (Wake up Sweden), is offering a great solution for spending your later years in the most healthy and pleasant manner.

His project is named: GOLDEN DECADES!

This is a concept designed for seniors to provide a healthier, happier, more active and longer life in old age.

Throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, we have learned that we, elders in Sweden/Scandinavia, can’t count on a secure, pleasant, healthy life as retired people, most certainly as we might have been contemplating before. Older people are plied with lots of medicines against almost everything, and this has led to a weaker immune system, more depression, Dementia and, in many cases, a shorter lives. This is the primary cause for the many deaths occurring in retirement homes during 2020.

We often read in current media about the unhealthy and poor food that people in retirement homes are served. The majority think that the food is tasteless, without salt, but with lots of sugar and flour, not to forget chemicals, all ingredients that can contribute to illness and a shorter life. Don’t we pensioners deserve better?

A healthy and correct diet is the basis for a long life. And to move into a retirement home can shorten a person’s life, for many readily apparent reasons.

In light of the above-mentioned circumstances, Professor Jens Jerndal has developed the idea of creating a concept for a higher life quality, the GOLDEN DECADES!


  1. A diet that is toxin free, biodynamic food, prepared by a dedicated Chef. We require food that is a real pleasure to eat. You don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan, but if you are, or choose to become one, you will be offered just as delicious food.
  2. Regularly applied non-invasive health controls, with holistic methods, to prevent diseases and to build a strong immune system. Holistic medicine is unbeatable when it comes to preventing and curing diseases. In Sweden, your doctor cannot prescribe acupuncture or herb-based medicine. In Sweden, most holistic methods are forbidden, while the pharmaceutical companies have a monopoly on our tax financed medicines.
  3. A happy, healthy life requires a rich social life. To have fun and to have a chance to actively participate in cultural events, both indoor and outdoor activities. To be alone and isolated and having a life without meaning, contributes to a weaker immune system. Professor Jerndal recommends that we include activities like theatres, film, opera, having evenings with discussions, interesting guest speakers, dances, etc., everything that makes a person feel alive and happy.
  4. Physical activities are among the most important parts of his concept. Here people, who are dedicated to help and make life worth living for seniors will be employed. Retirement home employees are supposed to play an active role and take part in the seniors’ lives.
  5. The spiritual needs will also be anticipated and provided for.
  6. A 24-hour service and special agreements with hospitals close by. We all have to die sooner or later, but nobody should be dying alone and with lots of pain.

The Golden Decades program is meant to upgrade the quality of your life, and prolong it. As far as I know, you will not find a Senior residence anywhere else, that includes all of this, says Professor Jerndal.

The GOLDEN DECADES pilot project is located close to a beautiful beach in Thailand with a pleasant temperature all year round. A country where its people have respect for elderly and a positive attitude. Another detail: Nearby there is a Swedish school, which means that you can have children and grandchildren visiting you, and the kids can join the school during the period they plan to stay.

To begin with, Professor Jerndal is looking for approximately 30 like- minded couples or single seniors, and the plan is to inaugurate THE GOLDEN DECADES before the end of year 2021.
If you are interested in knowing more about this concept, don’t hesitate to contact Professor Jens Jerndal via email: [email protected], or by telephone: +46 (0) 723 23 11 33

This will be your ultimate way of living!


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