Malaysia to End 5G Monopoly

Malaysia  will adopt a dual network model for its 5G rollout, the country said in a statement Wednesday, May 3.

The decision is the latest by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s six-month-old administration. It is aimed at dismantling monopolies and promoting competition.

The decision might create tension with Western countries that wants Malaysia to stick with its original contract with DNB and Swedish Ericsson.

Western governments are concerned that the second network could be given to Chinese Huawei. This has made the US and the European Union warn Malaysia not to allow Huawei to take part in building the country’s 5G network. They claim that Huawei’s involvement would undermine national security and risk foreign investments.

It is still not clear, who the second vendor will be or how the decision will affect DNB’s agreements with Ericsson.


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