One of the most  comprehensive art festivals in Thailand, an opportunity for artists from all disciplines to express their potential under the  theme “A VISION FOR A BETTER TOMORROW”.

This is the second time this festival takes place at River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24. The MANGO ART FESTIVAL opened May the 3rd and goes on until the  8th of May.

Here art is used to lead and guide us through the difficult times of the ongoing epidemic and the climate change as well as the invasion of Ukraine. Here people who are passionate about art can garther together and explore more than a 1000 artworks by Thai and international artists. The exhibition includes pieces from private collections as well as works by old qmasters and contemporary artists.

The works are show z cased at more than 90 booths scattered within four major zones: Galleries, Independent Artists, Product Designs, Craft Accessories and Food & Beverage.

Highlights are business matching between Thai artists and International galleries. Talks are held on various topics in collaboration with the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau.

Among the artists we find the Danish/Armenian wellknown Elizabeth Romhild. Elizabeth has been living and working in Thailand since 1988 and she has seen the Bangkok silhouette changing through the years.

Her highlight piece of this exhibition is just the “BANGKOK SKYLINE”. Elizabeth says: ” The Bangkok skyline is an extended adventure with many hidden treasures. The spirit of the city is here expressed using one piece mosaics for each element.”

Another impressive work of art is her “ORGANIC JUMBLE.” Designers have throughout the years, including myself, been inspired by all beautiful organic shapes created by mother nature” Elizabeth says. The ORGANIC JUMBLE expresses a cocktail of rocks, marbles ans shapes created by cracks.

There is also the pieces called “ANOTHER MOSAIC ON THE WALL”.  Here Elizabeth has used the organic textured new and innovative HUSK COLLECTION from Sonite as a wall art for a more green architectural inspiration.

For us who have followed this talented artist throughout the years, we have seen her going from sculpting, painting, decorating for Bang & Olufsen, designing China and jewellery and now mosaic. We can be sure, that we will see more of Elizabeth,s art in the future.


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