Meet the grand winner of Nordic Green Run SG, Danish Tjalfe

The Embassy of Denmark in Singapore has spoken to the grand winner of the Nordic Green Run, Danish Tjalfe Paulsen Durup to hear about his interest in protecting the ocean and his running tricks. Tjalfe ran a total of 250 km or what equals almost 6 marathons in just one week.

Nordic companies operating in Singapore have been invited to sponsor 1 SGD for every kilometer. The total proceeds of 59,000 SGD go to the Coral Triangle Center (CTC), a regional nonprofit foundation, supporting the restoration of coral reefs and marine biodiversity in the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area.

Here is what Tjalfe Paulsen Durup had to say:

-Why did you join the Nordic Green Run?
Great initiative during lockdown was not much possible, and at the same time running for a good cause is a no-brainer.
– What was the best part about participating in the run?
The spirit when you are into something together and competing.
– What’s your best advice for a successful run?
Set a goal and then go for it. If it’s a time or a specific distance – the main purpose is to have a goal and try to go for it. It makes it more fun.
– Why is the ocean important to you?
The ocean has always been part of my life since I was a kid and my dad took me swimming and fishing. I studied maritime at Marstal and went sailing afterward. We need to protect the Oceans so everybody can keep enjoying its wonders. Marine life and all the beauty it brings around the globe, white sandy beaches without plastic.
– Will you continue running in Team Denmark?
I’m usually running 3-4 times a week, so I will keep running, although shorter mileage than last week for sure.
Congratulations, Tjalfe, and thank you for your commitment, the Embassy says.

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