Murder accused teen back in Sweden

On March 13 a murder case with a mere 18-year-old Swede as the accused was set to start in Thailand, but the teen knifeman never appeared.

He was detained in August but was released in December after paying a 7,000 kronor bail. Swedish post Aftonbladet reports that the murder accused teen is now back in Sweden.

The young man was on a vacation in Thailand with his girlfriend. After a week in Pattaya they left for Sakaew in Eastern Thailand, which is the hometown of the girlfriend. The girlfriend introduced the Swede to a man that she had met online, an 18-year-old Thai. The two then got into a fight at a hotel room, and what seems as a love triangle gone bad ended when the 18-year-old Thai was stabbed several times, including in the neck. The Swedish teen has admitted stabbing the Thai but claims it was in self-defense.

It is rumored that the Swede who is of Iranian decent was aided in escaping by Muslim guerillas. However this has not been confirmed from any official authorities.

He escaped to Malaysia by changing his looks and using his younger brother’s passport, and Aftonbladet now reports that he is back in Sweden.

Aided by family

The father and the younger brother who was on a visit to Thailand went to the Swedish Embassy and stated that the younger brother lost his passport. The Swedish Embassy then contacted Thai Immigration Police who reported that the passport had been used two days earlier to enter Malaysia. In accordance with Swedish law a new passport was issued.

According to Aftonbladet, the 16-year-old brother immediately went back to Sweden from Thailand with his new passport and the father left shortly after.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sweden will not comment on the case, the Ministry’s press service told Aftonbladet.

Swedish police have no comments on whether or not they have contacted Thai authority or if the suspect is wanted internationally.

It is unlikely that the 18-year-old is extradited to Thailand as there is a chance that he faces penalty of death if found guilty.


Source: Aftonbladet 


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