Swedish Ambassador attends Bangkok premiere of women’s rights film

On Wednesday March 27 2013, Ambassador Klas Molin took part in the première screening of ‘Girl Rising’ in Bangkok. The event was organized by Intel Corporation and Plan International.

The documentary film ‘Girl Rising’ tells of nine young girls from nine different countries, and their fight against forced marriages, child slavery and other heartbreaking injustices. By getting an education, they get the chance to break barriers and create change.

In a program for regional development cooperation in Southeast Asia Sweden supports several regional organizations that contribute to empowering women and girls and strengthening the human rights of women. A concrete example of this is APWLD (Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development) working specifically to improve the rights and conditions of all women and girls who work as domestic workers in Asia. The largest single form of employment for women/girls in the region is domestic work and the majority of women work without labor protection under both precarious and vulnerable conditions.

All organizations in the region, supported by Sweden must do an analysis of how their work affects women, and promotes strengthening of women’s development and opportunities to lift themselves out of poverty.

Every girl’s life story in the film is written by an author from the given country performed by prominent actors like Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez and Meryl Streep. The film is a sign of the power of knowledge and shows how women’s education has the most positive impact on families, communities and economies worldwide. Along with ‘Girl Rising’, stands the project 10×10, a global campaign for the promotion of girls’ education. The message is to educate girls and you will change the world.

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