Teenage Love Triangle Ended with Murder – 18 Year Old Swede Arrested.

Latest update:
17 year old Swede four days in jail without visit from the Swedish Embassy

A jealousy drama ended tragically when Jonis Mahmood, a only 18 year old Swede, killed his girlfriend’s former Thai boyfriend, the likewise 18 year old Thai Wasan Naseub. The young Swede and his girlfriend, Jeeranan Tathong also 18 year, was on a trip to Thailand together. She came originally from the Sakaew province, but went two years ago to live in Sweden together with her mother.

Jeeranan and Jonis first went to Pattaya for vacation. This was where Jonis bought the knife that has now become a murder weapon. From Pattaya they went to Sakaew, her hometown.


Two days after they arrived Sakaew, a city 245 km east of Bangkok, Jeeranan Tathong contacted her former boyfriend Wasan Naseub and made an appointment to meet. After meeting with Wasan Naseub, he drove her back to hotel Jantra, where Jeeranand took Wasan to the room where she and Jonis stayed, in order to introduce Wasan Naseub to Jonis Mahmood.


But when they came to the room, Wasan hurried into the room and locked the door. From the outside Jeeranan Tathong could hear the men quarrel.


According to Jonis Mahmood, Wasan Naseub was aggressive, telling him he was jealous and shoving Jonis Mahmood in the chest. They started fighting. Because Jonis Mahmood was bigger and had trained in judo and self defense, Wasan Naseub could not succeed in his attack. So he grabbed the knife that Jonis had bought in Pattaya which was lying on the table, and tried to stab him. Jonis grabbed the knife from Wasan and stabbed him several times.


The wounded Wasan escaped the room, still wearing his pink t-shirt, black wind breaker and grey shorts, but without his shoes. He made it down the stairs outside the hotel before he dropped dead.


Jonis Mahmood and Jeeranan were taken to Sakaew police station where a Swedish translator was called in to assist with the interrogation and inform the Swedish Embassy. After the interrogation, Jonis Mahmood was detained for further investigation.

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  1. It’s not really thai Bay “Wasan” wasn’t her ex boyfriend he deceived by Jeevanan to came to her hotel and Maybe he deceived to met Jeeranan’friend jonis and he was gay

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