Myanmar’s military confirms deadly air strike; over 100 dead

Myanmar’s military junta has confirmed a deadly air strike on a village in the country’s Sagaing region on Tuesday, April 12, reported malaymail.

More than 100 people were killed, including many children who were attending a ceremony held by opponents of the army rule. This is according to a witness who is a member of a local pro-democracy group and independent media.

Myanmar’s military justified the attack on Wednesday, April 12, saying it carried out a deadly attack on a village at a gathering organized by its opponents. They stated, that if civilians were also killed it was because they were being forced to help the “terrorists.”

The military is increasingly using airstrikes to counter a extensive struggle against its rule. More than 3,000 civilians are estimated to have been killed since the military seized power in February 2021.

Fighter jet dropped bombs into a crowd

A witness told The Associated Press that a fighter jet dropped bombs directly into a crowd of people who were gathering at 8 a.m. for the opening of a local office of the country’s opposition movement.

About half an hour later, a helicopter appeared and fired at the site. This is according to the witness, who has asked not to be identified due to fear of being punished by the authorities.

“I was standing a short distance from the crowd when a friend contacted me about the fighter jet,” the witness said.

“The jet dropped bombs directly on the crowd, and I jumped into a nearby ditch and hid. A few moments later, when I stood up and looked around. I saw people cut to pieces and dead in the smoke. The office building was destroyed by fire. About 30 people were injured. While the wounded were being transported, a helicopter arrived and shot more people.”

Photos from the village being shared on social media showed more than a dozen burned and mutilated bodies. Rescuers at the scene has confirmed the authenticity of the images to The New York Times.


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