New book about the Danes in Siam

“From the Time of the Crocs” is a new book about the Danes in Siam from 1865 and upwards. The book is a selection of some of the best historical articles written by by Flemming Winther Nielsen and published in ScandAsia over the past four years, edited and presented as a complete book.

This Sunday 15 December 2013, a reception will be held at Mermaid Hotel Bangkok at 14.00 where the book will be launched and introduced by Flemming Winther Nielsen. The owner, Jorgen Lundbaek has promised to serve “beskojter and pullimut” which in itself is old fashioned and exotic.

After the book launch, where guests can buy the book directly from the author, some old books will be available for sale. Eventually, guest are also invited to try out the new restaurant at Mermaid Hotel, serving among others Brazilian BBQ and Pizza.

From the Time of the Crocs presents a realistic picture of the lives and achievements of the Danes. The glamour and the medals are peeled away and we are constantly reminded of the backdrop for their achievements, the unhealthy living conditions in Bangkok at a time when “you might have dinner with a man tonight and attend his funeral tomorrow”.

We learn about Marqvard Jensen, the brave young Danish soldier who saved the North of Thailand from British colonisation; about Jenny Nielsen from Aalborg whose husband, the American Medical Doctor Thomas Heyward Hays, built the “The Neilson Hays Library” in her memory; about the impressive Danish Consul Frederik Carl Christian Købke without whose influence the Danes would probably never have played such a prominent role in Siam, and of course the most influential of them all, Vice-Admiral, Commander-in-Chief of the Siamese Navy, Andreas du Plessis de Richelieu, and H.N. Andersen, the founder of the East Asiatic Company. And many more outstanding personalities.

If you cannot make it – or if you read this article after the book launch has taken place, you can still buy the book with your credit card online on this link. The price of 850,- baht is incl. of VAT, postage and handling.

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6 Comments on “New book about the Danes in Siam”

  1. Hej Gregers,

    Kan bogen “From the Time of the Crocs” stadig købes og hvor?

  2. But as usual the Thais are not giving a damn about any foreign help they have received over the years. They still claim that they did it all by themselves…

  3. I had read the book and it is good !
    Give some ideas about how life was here 120-110 years ago.
    It makes a Dane proud when he read that the first police outside Bangkok was established by a Danish officer and the second in command of the tHai navy was a Dane as well.

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