New survey looks at Scandinavian and Asian women’s use of phones

A new survey about women and phones finds that Asian and Scandinavian women both have similarities and differences when it comes to the use of their mobiles. Photo: Telenor Group

No matter if you are a Scandinavian or Asian woman your most frequent mobile activity is probably scrolling through social media apps or sending messages to friends. But when you attend a funeral, your home country might determine if you find it inappropriate or not to bring a phone.

These are some of the similarities and differences Telenor Groups has discovered in a new survey. The “Tech Trends: Women” survey looks into professional women’s habits and values with regards to mobile connectivity. The survey is based on answers from 1300 professional women aged 25-40 in Sweden, Norway, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore.

The women turn up to have a lot in common when using their phones. Across all countries, more than half say they mainly spend time on social medias apps, when using their phones. Sending messages and listening to music are among other very popular activities.

From West to East most of the women also agree that mobiles can help solving societal issues by making it easier to share information and knowledge. According to the survey, 60% of the women in Norway, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden and Thailand think this.

But the women from two different continents also have very different views on a number of things related to the use of mobile phones.

The survey shows that most Asian women do not mind mixing romance with phones as only 3% of the women from Myanmar and 13% from Thailand want the phone to be turned off during romantic situations. In Sweden the number is 39%.

When it comes to funerals and phones, the women also differ. When a Swedish or Norwegian woman attends a funeral, her phone will most likely be turned off. In the survey 90% of the Scandinavian women answer, that they find phones inappropriate at funerals. Only 25% of the Asian women shared their perspective.

You can read the full survey report here.

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