NIH-SG introduces new Finnish Member: Vetrospace

On 19 November the Nordic Innovation House-Singapore introduced new member from Finland: Vetrospace and VetroHealth which is part of Vetrospace group to better serve health care industry’s needs. It is aiming for safer and cleaner hospitals and other health care facilities to enhance the health of patients and employees.

VetroHealth’s tailored healthcare pods are equipped with photon disinfection lighting and photocatalytic nano-coating, meaning safe interiors without viruses or bacteria.

The smart clean air ventilation removes up to 99.9% impurities from the air entering the space. Positive air pressure ensures that all air flow entering the space goes through the double filtration system, even if the door is open. Optionally, pressure can be negative and exiting air filtered. If needed, filtration can be implemented at both air entry and exit points.

VetroHealth pods offer market leading soundproofing levels, so even the most confidential discussion can be held within our pods without compromising patient privacy. Enjoy the patented technology which can provide you with the world’s safest place to recover or work.

The HUS (Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa) maternity hospital situated in Espoo, has placed an order for specialized antimicrobial pods from Vetrospace, three for procedures and one to be used as an office. The purpose of this project was to provide isolation spaces to ensure the safety of those giving birth.


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