No palm oil in Yum Yum in Norway

The Norwegian branch of Coop has replaced all its stock of Yum Yum noodles with a new version of the product that does not contain palm oil. This is the result of an ongoing cooperation between Coop Norway and the Thai manufacturer of the product, Wan Thai Foods Industry Company Limited, and the importer, Nordic Group International/Staur Foods.

“We have had a good working relationship with the supplier and this shows how constructive cooperation among large international food companies can lead to a positive result. Together we can take small, concrete steps towards a more sustainable production,” said Kristin Paus, Director of Information at Coop Norway.

Øystein Johnsen from Nordic Group International/Staur Foods, the importer of Yum Yum noodles in Norway, is pleased with the result of the cooperation.

“We are pleased that major chains like Coop engages in palm oil issues, it makes it easier to gain acceptance among manufacturers. In this case Norway is a pioneer. It has taken time, but we are pleased that we have now found a good substitute for palm oil in the healthier and more environmentally friendly rice bran oil,” he said.

A press release from Coop Norway describes rice bran oil as a cold filtered vegetable oil, which is widely used in Asian cuisine. It contains no trans-fat nor cholesterol and it also has a high content of antioxidants. The flavor is mild and neutral and the oil can be used for nearly every type of cooking as it can withstand very high temperatures.

Press release in Norwegian

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