Nordic Ambassadors visited Ca Mau, Vietnam

On 30 March 2021 the Nordic Ambassadors updated the latest activity as follow:

Last week I (Swedish Ambassador Ann Måwe) visited Ca Mau – the southernmost point of Vietnam together with my colleagues from Denmark, Finland and Norway. So interesting to visit combined shrimp and rice farms, mangrove forests and walk out on the newly constructed dams stoping the erosion.

This region with its rich ecosystems and biodiversity is definitely vulnerable to natural disasters resulting from environmental degradation and climate change.

We witnessed many good example of climate adaptation but to really make a difference for this unique region with rich agricultural and fishery traditions climate mitigation is crucial.

We – the Nordic countries – discussed possible investments and support in renewable energy, waste management and other topics related to sustainability and gender mainstreaming in the province.
For more information of the trip, please continue here.

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