Young, inspiring Vietnamese ladies invited to be “Ambassador for a day”

The Swedish Ambassador Ann Måwe joined he same initiative campaign at the Swedish Residence in Oct 2019.

On 8 March 2021, the Norwegian embassy in Hanoi announced:
Do you want to be an Ambassador for a day and learn about her work at a foreign embassy in Hanoi? Sign up for the challenge to get selected for this unique event with Ambassadors of Bulgaria, the Netherland, Norway and Sweden in Hanoi

+ Vietnamese female, living Hanoi and over 16 years old
+ Active on social media, ready to share your experiences online (vlog, Instagram, etc.) and inspire others?
+ Send us a two-minute (max!) video, in which you:
+ Introduce yourself
Tell us why you want to be an ambassador for a day and why we need more female ambassadors?
How do you think about the International Women’s Day.
+ Upload your video on Facebook or Google drive or Youtube and send us the link of your video to 𝐇𝐀𝐍@𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐛𝐮𝐳𝐚.𝐧𝐥 by 21 March.

Watch the invitation VDO from Norwegian Ambassador H.E. Grete Løchen, Swedish Ambassador H.E. Ann Måwe, Netherlands Ambassador H.E. Elsbeth Akkerman, Bulgarian Ambassdor H.E. Marinera Petkova  here.

The winners will be announced on 24 March. The event will take place in that same week or shortly thereafter.

This campaign is incorperation of Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi,Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam,Посолство на Република България в Ханой/Bulgarian Embassy in Hanoi.

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