Nordic countries ranked top of having high quality of life for youths

Photo captured of the ranking from Youth Progress Index.

The Youth Progress Index conducted by the European Youth Forum and Social Progress Initiative reported that Nordic countries were ranked in the top five of the list, having high quality of life for youths. The index measured quality of life for youths from 153 countries in total.

Norway was ranked the first place where young people had the best quality of life with a score of 90.51 out of 100. Followed by Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, and Finland each scoring 90.48, 90.41, 90.22, and 89.84, respectively.

In the Southeast Asian regions, Singapore was ranked the top with 87.19 points and ranked 14th place globally. The Philippines scored 71.43 points out of 100 in terms of young people’s quality of life, made it to the 6th place in Southeast Asian countries and was ranked the 77th of the overall list.

The country that was ranked the lowest on quality of life for youths was South Sudan, scoring 32.68 out of 100.


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