Norway restricting digital nomads

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Norway is going against the worldwide trend of allowing travellers to work remotely while traveling. Even if you are on vacation to Norway and need to do some work from your hotel, it is technically illegal.

You may only work remotely in Norway if you have a residence permit that gives you the right to do so. There is no specific residence permit for remote work in Norway. To work remotely during your stay, you must have a residence permit that entitles you to work remotely, such as:

  • a residence permit for family immigration
  • a permanent residence permit
  • a residence permit for work where remote work is part of your job

It is considered remote work when you work for a Norwegian or foreign employer off-site (e.g. from a hotel, a home or similar). This also applies if you are self-employed in Norway or abroad.

This implies that you cannot, for example, work for your employer in your home country while you are in Norway on a visit or holiday, regardless of whether you are on a visa-free stay or if you have a visitor visa.

The rules do not apply for citizens of EU/EEA.


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