Finland first in digital performance in EU

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Finland ranks first in the European Union’s (EU) digital performance comparison, according to a press release issued by the Finnish government on Thursday. Finland finished ahead of Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The report also noted that the coverage of very high-capacity networks in rural areas remains a challenge for the country.

The Finnish government’s new project, to be launched later this year, will support the construction of high-speed fixed broadband networks in areas where commercial offerings are unlikely to be available in the next few years, the release said.

Minister of Local Government Sirpa Paatero commented in the release that Finland’s “success so far has only laid the foundation for work to come” and that “Finland needs to systematically continue our ambitious digital and technology policy.”

The DESI monitors the digitalization of the EU countries in connectivity, human capital (including digital skills), integration of digital technology and digital public services.

The maximum score in the European Commission’s annual DESI index (Digital Economy and Society Index) is 100, and Finland’s score is 69.6 this year. The EU average is 52.3.


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