Norway says citizens can come home for vaccination

Norwegians abroad who are not offered a vaccine in their country of residence can travel back to Norway for vaccination, the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services writes to Scandinavian Society Siam.

Last week, Scandinavian Society Siam appealed the governments of all the Nordic countries to follow the example of the French Embassy and take matters regarding vaccination of their own citizens into their own hands.

In the response, Special Advisor at the Department of Public Health Dr. Øystein Riise states:

“Norwegians residing abroad are not encompassed by the national coronavirus immunization program. Some rare exceptions to this general rule have been made for persons exercising critical functions in an official capacity, for example, military personnel deployed abroad. Norwegians who are not offered vaccines in their country of residence may return to Norway for vaccination.”

Dr. Øystein Riise notes that vaccinations in Norway are administered at country level and are offered to all residents.

It may seem like a simple solution, but it’s quite expensive – especially when you consider the fourteen days mandatory quarantine when you return to Thailand, which will set you back at least another NOK 8,000 or THB 30,000 on top of travel expenses. You can also choose to enter through Phuket’s sandbox travel model which is quarantine free but the catch is that you have to stay at a SHA hotel in Phuket for two weeks before being allowed to travel elsewhere in Thailand. 

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One Comment on “Norway says citizens can come home for vaccination”

  1. So stupid. That’s the arrogance of Scandinavian governments.

    “You’re welcome to come home to get a shot of vaccine”.

    I loathe those assholes working for the Scandinavian Embassies, no matter which shitty country.

    “You can pay the ticket, can’t you?”. If not, rot away in Asia.

    “We’re not a bank”, is their favourite argument. Complete morons, all of them.

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