Thailand Expat Guide – the 2021 book is here

ScandAsia has published the 2021 edition of “Thailand Expat Guide”

This book is intended as a help for both newcomers and longer staying expats who have decided to live and work in Thailand. It explains and facilitates practical issues and intends to inspire readers to get more out of their stay.

This booklet is part of the ScandAsia magazine and online media channel. ScandAsia serves all Scandinavian expatriates from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland living in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia with news updates by email and online.

If you want to buy the physical book, please use this link: 

Here are the main chapters:

Basic information about thailand for expats. Emergency numbers, contacts to the nordic embassies, learning the Thai language, mobile phones in Thailand, thai food and culture, visa regulations to Thailand for tourists and expats who want to move here.good advice with checklist for moving to ThailandClear information about setting up home in Thailand, renting apartment or house in Thailand, buying house in Thailand, buying apartment in Thailand, household goods insurance, and where to buy furniture for the home in Thailand.Rules and practical guide to getting a legal workpermit to work in Thailand where working without a work permit is risky.cost of living in Thailand, opening bank account in Thailand, saving and insurance in ThailandGuide to finding a school for international children in ThailandHealthcare services in Thailand for expats are excellent Good advice for going to the beach in Thailand for a short break or a small vacation for expats in ThailandGuide to play golf for Nordic expats in ThailandDying in Thailand can be less painful for the wife and children if expats prepare their death well, writing a will, pre-arrange the funeral or repatriation of your dead body list of recommended services for Nordic expats in ThailandList of Nordic companies in Thailand, list of companies affiliated with the Nordic Chambers of commerce, list of companies serving the expats in Thailand

Download the Thailand Expat Guide 2021 here.

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