Norwegian embassy Manila provide contact information to assist stranded travelers

The Norwegian Embassy in Manila has sent out an important message to Norwegian  travelers possibly stranded in the Phillipines due to flights cancellations and border restrictions in various destinations, on 23 March 2020.

“Filipino authorities urge foreign embassies to provide information of their stranded travelers to the department of tourism’s regional offices. These information coordinates to international airports so that travelers can move on out of the country with international flights available.

It is important to include all personal information as name and contact information, how many people you are and accurate information about where you located. Please also send information about your flight out of the Philippines.

You have to expect international flights, including transit at airports outside the Philippines, to be very limited in the near future. Additional flight cost is subject to travelers.

If you want further assistance from the department of tourism to get out of the Philippines, please contact the Norwegian Embassy in manila by email, [email protected].”

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