Sweden continues to reject isolation

Photo: National Geographics

Despite almost 3.500 confirmed cases of Swedes infected with the novel coronavirus and 105 deaths, Sweden refuses to install restrictions to prevent spreading of the virus. A clear contrast to the rest of Scandinavia and Europe.

While the Swedish authorities have advised the Swedish citizens to practice social distancing Metronews reports that Swedes are still allowed to roam freely; people still sit at outdoor cafés, people hang out in large groups in parks – and Swedes are still allowed to greet each other with hugs and handshakes. Although standing at bars have been banned due to the virus, Swedes are welcome to enjoy a beer as long as they sit down.

According to Metronews, Johan Giesecke, adviser to the Swedish Health Agency, have stated that other Scandinavian and European countries ‘have taken political, unconsidered actions’ instead of ones dictated by science.

Source: Metronews

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