Panda duo on loan from China remains in Finland for now

In 2020, the Ähtäri Zoo was faced with financial difficulties which led to discussions concerning returning the pandas, Jin Bao Bao and Hua Bao, that are currently residing in the Finnish Zoo, back to China.

The duo is originally from the Dujiangyan base of the China Conservation and Research Center. They arrived in Finland in January 2018 on a 15-year loan under a research program.

Jin Bao Bao, the female panda, was given the Finnish nickname Lumi, which translates to “snow.” Hua Bao, the male panda, was given the Finnish nickname of Pyry, which means “heavy snowfall.”

The latest news from the zoo is that they will continue the program for the time being. The zoo has stated, that they hope the duo will bring in more visitors this year.

Source: CGTN

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