Pandora cuts 200 jobs in Thailand

Danish jeweler brand PANDORA will cut 218 jobs in Thailand due to organizational adjustments.

Pandora manufactures its jewellery in Thailand

Pandora has announced changes in the company which means 397 employees will lose their job of which 218 in Thailand.

The organizational adjustments will among others happen by centralize operations and supply chain structure to streamline manufacturing and move more resources to priorities such as digital and e-commerce.

“The adjustments are also – together with our procurement program – necessary to protect our profitability. Sadly, the changes mean that good employees will lose their jobs, and we are supporting them in the best possible way,” says CEO Anders Colding Friis.

Pandora employs more than 25,300 people worldwide. Around 13,000 are located in Thailand, where the company also manufactures its jewellery.

Pandora was founded in 1982 in Denmark and today it is the world’s largest jewellery brand.

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