Pipeline investigation: China is now cooperating

The damaged Balticconnector gas pipeline which connects both Finland and Estonia. Photo: Finnish Border Guard/Handout via Reuters

Finnish PM Petteri Orop said yesterday on 31 October 2023, that China is now cooperating in the pipeline investigation.

Previously Finland raised suspicion regarding a Hong Kong flagged NewNew Polar Bear vessel which was nearby when the Balticconnector pipeline was suddenly damaged in early October. Finland then contacted China, and the Chinese nation then cautioned Finland and called for a fair and objective investigation.

But now the two countries seem to be partnering up – for real.

“We have opened diplomatic discussions with the Chinese and also we have started cooperation with Chinese authorities. And they have promised, and they have said, that they want to do cooperation,” Petteri Orpo told reporters in Oslo.

“We are starting to work together. And the next few days I think will show how it goes. But now we have to be patient. We have to get a clear picture of what has happened before drawing any conclusions.”

China also said earlier that it was willing to provide all necessary information in accordance with international law regarding the investigation.

Source: Reuters

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One Comment on “Pipeline investigation: China is now cooperating”

  1. To the dumber Finns this must have been almost as terrible disappointment as was the Nordstream explosion: These idiots were SOOO convinced how “Russia did it”, and how “Russia is a threat”; but every time they try to find a proof to show how “Russia is a threat”; every time it goes pear-shaped to them.

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