Plenty of seats at this year’s Crayfish Party in Bangkok


The Crayfish Party is expanding in 2014, hoping to include more guest in this festive Swedish tradition.

Last year the annual Crayfish Party in Bangkok sold out a week in advance. This year Scandinavian Siam Society will be upgrading to maximum capacity in an effort to avoid having to turn down potential guests.

According to Savija Korslund, a board member of the Scandinavian Siam Society, Rembrandt Hotel has assured that there will be room for up to 350 guests at this year’s crayfish party. In comparison, the party last year sold out at 150. But the number of chairs and tables is not the only concern. Since the crayfish is flown in from Sweden the logistics has to be dealt with in advance.

“We need to order the crayfish a long time before the party, at this point we have ordered enough crayfish for 200 guests,” Savija Korslund says. The sooner people buy the ticket the easier it is to reserve extra crayfish and eventually more people can join the party.

More than just crayfish
As tradition has it, snaps and other alcoholic beverages will be plentiful and Peter Driscoll and the Cruisers are hired to set the mood and perform rock’n’roll classics from the 50’s and 60’s.

Of course the menu will cover more than just crayfish and includes two different kinds of salmon, salads, a variety of Swedish bread, a selection of Scandinavian cheeses and last but not least a station with four desserts.

A free stay in a luxury hotel or a cubic meter in a shipping container to Scandinavia. Traditionally the Crayfish Party features a lucky draw, where sponsored gifts are awarded to lucky guests.This year will not be the exception, by the 13th two major sponsors had already confirmed that they will be contributing to the draw.

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