President of Vietnam bid Swedish Ambassador farewell

The President of Vietnam, To Lam, hosted a farewell reception for the Swedish Ambassador, Ann Måwe, this Tuesday, 18 June 2024.

The reception was to bid Ann Måwe farewell as she is finishing her tenure in Vietnam.

President To Lam congratulated Ann Måwe on a succesful tenure, and underlined that she had helped contribute to the positive relationship between Sweden and Vietnam.

The President also acknowledged the historical significance of the Swedish support in Vietnam. Especially in Vietnam’s struggle for independence.

Finally he expressed hop that the Ambassador wil continue to help the cooperations between Sweden and Vietnam. Vietnam especially welcomes Swedish business investments in such fields as infrastructure, transportation, green transition, green technology, renewable energy, urban planning and sustainable development among others.

Ann Måwe spent time emphasizing how much the bilateral friendship between the two countries has expanded over the 50 year long  relationship.

Source: Vietnam+

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