Ambassador Ann Mawe enjoys exploring Hanoi on her bicycle

Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Ann Mawe poses for a photo with her bicycle (Photo courtesy of the Ambassador’s Facebook).

Not only is biking good for the environment with its zero greenhouse gas emissions, but you get the opportunity to see the most beautiful parts of cities hassle-free and that is something Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Ann Mawe really enjoys.

According to a recent article published by media Vietnam Net, Ambassador Ann Mawe shared how much she enjoys cycling around Hanoi. The Ambassador finds it inspiring to pass through the vibrant street life and enjoy the beautiful landmarks of Hanoi a few times each week and she is passionate about how environmentally friendly cycling is.

Cycling is a common part of Scandinavian culture and Sweden’s Ambassador likes to travel in style. She enjoys cycling from home to work on her Made-in-Vietnam Thong Nhat bicycle, a leading bike brand in Vietnam. But she is not the only Ambassador in Vietnam with a passion for cycling and in fact, there is a club of Ambassadors who often cycle around Ho Tay (West Lake) on the weekend. Ambassador Ann Mawe shared that she and the group often enjoy fresh coconut juice or coffee following a trip.

According to Ambassador Ann Mawe, the most beautiful bicycle trip in Hanoi is the one around Ho Tay, the largest lake in the capital.

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