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Unlock the Danish-Thai Phrasebook, now deliverable in Thailand! Featuring 1,000+ essential phrases on water-resistant paper, with vibrant colors for easy reading. Perfect for language enthusiasts and travel companions.

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The long time popular Danish-Thai Phrasebook (in Danish: Thai parlør) is now also available for delivery in Thailand. Though cost of shipment is significant compared to the modest cost of the phrasebook, it may not matter to the genuinely interested or those who order the booklet together.

With more than a 1.000 useful Danish-Thai words and phrases, the phrasebook is nicely printed on water resistent paper in the familiar colours of the website thai.maprao.dk, orange for Danish, blue for transcription and green for Thai, so your Thai friends can read along.

Format is slightly less than A5 and at 60 pages and 127g the booklet can easily be brought to the restaurant, beach or pool side. Audio files (mp3) may be purchased separately.

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