ScandBizBar: Casual networking and some cold beers

Archive photo from this year's first ScandBizBar - also at &SONS.
Archive photo from the first ScandBizBar of 2015 – also at &SONS.

May 7 the third ScandBizBar of the year took place. Scandinavian entrepreneurs, bankers and other with skyscraper offices met for a beer and some networking

By Søren Engelbrecht

Bartenders are circling the outside tables to make sure that no glasses are out of liquid. Little cards pop up here and there to show that the guest is a Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Finnish member.

It’s Thursday, it’s 7th of May and it’s time for the third ScandBizBar of the year, where Scandinavians who are working in Singapore, gather to get an after-work beer and some canapés. But it is also a networking night for the members of SBAS, DABS, NBAS and FBC. Business cards work their way from hand to hand, introductions are made and ideas get pitched. These people are never fully off duty.

A steady and repetitive beat in the background creates the mood along with the humming sounds from the constant conversations. It’s almost like it’s in sync. We are at the bar &SONS in China Town and as the event turns an hour old, all the outside tables are surrounded by suits, shirts and high heels, and some of the guests are forced to sit at the bar. Even though this ScandBizBar is not as well attended as the first one in 2015 it’s still a busy night for the bartenders.

Some are more used than others at these events. There are the new ones who slowly wander around with a beer in their hand, cautiously looking for a conversation to join. And then there are the regulars who know the bartender’s name and aren’t afraid to mention that they are almost out of canapés. At least the good ones. And just like some tables in the high school cafeteria were named after the group of people who used it, at this bar there is a Nordea table where macroeconomics, shares and safe investments are the main talking points.

The third ScandBizBar this year went just like it was meant to. For some, a needed beer or cocktail was enjoyed after a long day at the office and for others the opportunity to network and headhunt was seized. Some did both.

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