Scania HQ shares how they started in pictures from the archive

On 20 May 2021 reveal a photo album reliving the good ol’ times of how they started, the statement read:

The Swedish company Scania – manufacturer of heavy trucks and buses – is our TBT topic of the day. Scania’s headquarters have long been in the city of Södertälje, near Stockholm. But given the name, it’s perhaps no surprise that the company has quite a few roots in the southern province of Scania (‘Skåne’ in Swedish).

We found some good ole archive photos for you, some of them dating back to the company’s first decade. Check out picture 2 in particular! That’s Yellow Peril, Scania’s first prototype car. Year? 1901.

Photo: Thin Boman, 1931-1940.
Yellow Peril, Scania’s first prototype car in 1901. Photo: Scania Archive, 1901.
Photo: Sören Flodqvist, 1958
Photo: Scania Archive, 1944.
Photo: Scania Archive, 1951
Photo: Gustav Lindh, 2016.
Photo: Dan Boman, 2016
Photo: Dan Boman, 2016.
Photo: Scania Archive, 1959
Photo: Sören Flodqvist, 1950


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